General meeting Announcement March 2013

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PHA Faces Crime Wave

Jan 2013 – In response to an alarming crime wave of burglaries and break-ins, Panoramic residents are exploring ways to improve security on the hill, including surveillance cameras and private security.

Over the two weeks of the holidays, the following crimes were reported:
• 16 auto burglaries, thefts, and residential burglaries, mostly at the foot of the hill on Prospect, but also extending onto lower Panoramic.
• The hill’s least wanted burglar, Bill Bailey, was re-arrested for the fourth or fifth time, having once again broken his parole by visiting the hill and pilfering some residents’ property.
• Two break-in burglaries occurred in Oakland, one at 904 Panoramic, the other at an undetermined residence on Bancroft Place (Jordan trail).
Oakland residents are strongly urged to report any suspicious activities, persons, or vehicles to OPD’s problem-solving officer, Jo Balaoro at : . Due to budget cut-backs, the city is sorely lacking in police personnel. OPD currently has just a single full-time officer patrolling the entirety of Beat 13Y, which extends from Panoramic Hill to Redwood Rd.

PHA will be holding a meeting, probably in March, for a presentation about video cameras by a neighborhood group that has successfully deployed a reliable auto license surveillance system in the Oakland hills.
Residents are also exploring private security companies to supplement the woefully inadequate policing currently afforded by the city.

- D. Gieringer, 3514 Dwight Way/ Oakland Neighborhood Watch Committee

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PHA General Meeting

PHA General Meeting

Sunday, September 23,  4-6 PM

511 Dwight Place

PHA will provide refreshments


  • Presentation on proposal to remove Eucalyptus grove towards base of hill near Dwight Place
  • Update from group investigating video surveillance options
  • Football Day parking enforcement
  • Berkeley sewer replacement update

Bring a dish to share for potluck if you can.

Membership dues can be paid to the treasurer at the meeting. Dues remain only $15 per year.

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Stadium Tour & Community Meeting SEPT 12

FYI:   UC Athletics is hosting a tour of Memorial Stadium this week, followed by a COMMUNITY MEETING.  Here is information provided by the Athletic Dept.


Greetings Cal Neighbors,

The  newly renovated California Memorial Stadium is now open, the first game has occurred, and the Campus and City resumed our collaboration to address resident’s concerns about Game Day impacts on the neighborhood.  We received some feedback from some of you after Saturday’s game about parking and partying, and we’re working on improvements as we speak.

On September 12th, Cal Athletics would like to invite you to a guided tour of the renovated Stadium, followed by a community meeting with Athletic Director Sandy Barbour, UCB staff and City of Berkeley staff.  (Note the date change from the earlier email).  You are free to attend the just the tour, just the meeting, or both.  However, we do need RSVP’s for the tour so that we can be properly staffed.

September 12, 2012 (note date change from Sept. 9 to Sept. 12)

6:00 Tour – Please RSVP for the tour by hitting “reply” to this email and listing the number of people who will be attending with you.  Meeting instructions will be emailed to you upon receipt of your RSVP.

7:15 – 8:30  Community Meeting in Simpson Center Dining Room – enter through the glass doors at the top of the stairs near I-house.

Again, we appreciate patience during the construction.

Go Bears!

Foti Mellis,      Sr. Associate Athletic Director

Julie Sinai,    Director, Local Government and Community Relations

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Neighborhood Night Out Party Aug. 7th, 2012

Panoramic Hill residents are invited to a neighborhood “night out” block party at Ellen Gunther’s house, 3555 Dwight Way, on Tuesday, Aug. 7th from 6 to 9 PM. Connect with neighbors and enjoy an evening together on the Hill. Feel free to bring light fare or drinks to share. The gathering is sponsored by the Neighborhood Watch committees on both Oakland and Berkeley sides of the hill. In coordination with the North Hills Community Association ( we are working to address public safety issues on the hill. Contact for info: Dale Gieringer, 510-849-0931.

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CRIME ALERT -Silver Lexus License Plate 6V

Beware of a silver Lexus 300 MDX with license plates starting 6V. It was used by 4 suspected burglars (3 white males and 1 black) in the Oakland Hills on Jul 4th. If you spot them, report to the Oakland PD 911.

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Crime Alert — Bill Bailey is Back!

This morning, Wednesday April 11, 2012, we discovered Bill Bailey wrapped in plastic and fast asleep on the deck in the middle of our yard at 23 Panoramic Way. Officer Curtin of BPD came, talked to Bailey for about 15 minutes and escorted him back to the street. Curtin said Bailey is on probation but he needs to check what else may be going on with him (eg, if the stay-away order is still in effect). For now, Curtin said he will report Bailey for “criminal trespassing with no prosecution”. If he is caught again, they may prosecute.

Bailey is amiable and looks like a normal person, not a street person. He’s about 50, white, short blond hair, medium height, medium build. He has a several-year history of burglary and trespassing on Panoramic Hill. We need to make sure he doesn’t get started again. So if you see him, call the Berkeley Police and ask that it be reported to Officer Curtin (Badge # S-34).

Lock your doors, lock your windows and be vigilant! Below are past photos of Bailey. Also see previous post on him for more details of past offenses.

(Photo taken 10/16/2010) (Photo taken 01/22/2011)
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Lost black and tan Tabby

Female Tabby Kitty, blue collar, does have micro chip. Very sweet meow, plump, full grown. Please call Debbie at 925 303-6456 cell. Lives at 365 Panoramic Way.

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Renew Your Membership 0r Join PHA Today!

Membership in the Panoramic Hill Association is open to all residents as well as non-resident homeowners; dues are a modest $15 per household per year.  (Members over 75 and those who host meetings are excused from paying dues.)  Homeowners who have paid their dues for the current year are eligible to vote on PHA business; renters who have paid dues for three years are also eligible to vote.  General meetings, held three times per year, are open to all.  A membership base representing the majority of the Hill allows us to be effective in dealing with various jurisdictions on matters concerning our neighborhood.

Thank you for your support – and special thanks to those who have already paid their dues for 2012.

Dues may be mailed to:

PHA Treasurer

PO Box 5428

Berkeley, CA  94705

….or dropped off at 23 Panoramic Way.  Please include the following information:





Owner_____      Renter_____     75 & over_________

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  • Report from the Nominating Committee
  • Current Board Members Nominated: Mike Kelly, Jerry Wachtel, Dick White, Cathyn Orozco, Janice Thomas, Bryan Walker and Lorna Byrne, *
  • Election of Board Members*
  • President’s Report and Discussion of Neighborhood Issues
  • Update on Efforts Regarding Parked Car Partiers
  • Emergency Preparedness and Cluster Organization
    Current members may renew and new members may join. Dues remain only $15.

    * Only PHA members may vote for, or serve as, officers.

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