Panoramic Hill Repaving to Begin May 2019

The Berkeley Dept of Public Works has sent a notice to residents that it is planning to begin construction in May on Panoramic Hill street pavement, retaining walls and storm drainage.   (Oakland is also planning to repave its part of the hill shortly, but hasn’t announced a date yet).

Details on Berkeley DPW project:
Construction is expected to take approximately nine months depending on weather and unforeseen conditions.
Standard work house will be 7:30 am to 5 pm Mon-Fri.
Schedule updates will be at the City’s website : of berkeley,info/Public Works/Bids – Contracts/Construction Updates.aspx


Traffic will be delayed at the work site and street closures may be necessary but will not exceed 12 hours at a time (!)  “No Parking” signs will be posted 3 days in advance and enforced by the police. Access to private driveways may be prohibited during some operations. Emergency vehicle access will be maintained at all times.

NOTE: Asphalt will be used in the project. To avoid oil spray, park vehicles outside of the construction area. Property owners are responsible for trimming their trees and vegetation growing into the roadway, and for installation and maintenance of water barriers against runoff with a minimum height of six inches.

Contractor: Riley Genazzi – Ghilotti Construction Co. (707) 310-5181
City’s Construction Manager: Ryan O’Kane – Harrison Engineering – (925) 691-0450 ext 103
Berkeley DPW Engineering Division (510) 981-6400
(After work hours, Public Works Customer Service: 510-981-6620.)

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PHA Meeting Sept 9, 2018


SUNDAY, SEP 9, 2018 –  4-6 PM


Repaving Panoramic Hill: Repaving of
the hill has been delayed but is expected to proceed
in coming months. On hand to discuss will be:

  • Lori Droste, Berkeley City Council
  • Joe Enke, Berkeley Dept. of Public Works
  • Cooper Nordquist, aide to Oakland Councilmember Dan Kalb.

UC Berkeley athletic facilities: The University has announced plans for two women’s athletics facilities near the hill:

  1. a new beach volley ball facility on the Clark Kerr Campus
  2. an expansion of the Levine-Fricke softball field in Strawberry Canyon.

**** Pot Luck Refreshments

**** Hosts: Cindy & Michael Ott – 777 Panoramic Way

Panoramic Hill residents & owners invited

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PHA Annual Membership Meeting Nov 12, 2017

PHA Annual Membership Meeting Nov 12, 4-6pm

(1) Annual PH Board Elections
(Elected to board: Lou Feuchtbaum, Dale Gieringer, Michael Kelly,  Charles Noyes, Janice Thomas, Jerry Wachtel, Michael Wallman, Richard White)

(2) EBMUD Work and Road Repaving
See Apr 2017 Berkeley Paving Public Meeting Comments

(3) Undergrounding of Utilities

Hosted by Jerry & Renee Wachtel 567 Panoramic Way

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Panoramic Hill Road Closures Begin July 10th

Lower Panoramic Way will be blocked by EBMUD work from 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 4pm beginning July 10th 2017, cutting off access from upper Panoramic, Arden and Dwight.    The road will be blocked on weekdays except alternate Fridays (Jul 14th, 28th, etc. ) for the next three months at various places between Arden and the bottom of the hill.  Access to and from the upper  hill above the cutoff will be cut off during these hours except in the event of life-threatening emergencies.

Emergency fire and medical vehicles will be on duty at the top of the hill during all road closures to respond to 911 calls.

Residents wishing to park off the hill can obtain a Berkeley Area I parking permit from EBMUD liaison Ben Glickstein: 510-287-1631 – (Area I includes Prospect and areas south and west, but not Canyon or Rimway. Berkeley residents with Area K permits may use Area I without a new permit.)

A golf cart shuttle to the bottom of the hill may be available for urgent appointments. For info on shuttle, parking permits, etc.

EBMUD Contact: Ben Glickstein 510-287-1631 –

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PHA Sep 25th Meeting & Elections

PHA Annual Meeting
Sunday Sep 25th 2016  4-6 PM
Hosted by Deborah Raphael, 3555 Dwight Way
Pot luck refreshments


(1) Introduction & Election of PHA Board Candidates
Nominees are:  Michael Kelly, Dick White, Janice Thomas, Richard Rose, Dale Gieringer, Jerry Wachtel, Christopher Clay and Lou Feuchtbaum.
(2) Proposed PHA By-Laws Amendments for Approval by Members
The Board is presenting amendments to streamline and update PHA’s by-laws.  For details, see:
(3) Zoning Code Enforcement: New Construction and AirBNB Rentals
(4) Septic Systems (in Oakland) Face New Regulation
(5) EBMUD Water Line Project Update
(6) Skyfall – Update on unpermitted activities at 1001 Panoramic Way

***  Parking Warning Notices and Panoramic Hill I.D. stickers will be available

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PH Emergency Preparedness Event Sept 11


Sunday morning September 11th from 10 to 12 opposite 352 Panoramic Way

We’ll have advice and hands-on activities led by Sydney Kennedy and other experienced neighbors and hopefully professional fire fighters



Scientists say the East Bay is overdue for the largest earthquake in centuries

The Hayward Fault generated its last large earthquake in 1868 … the fault’s average time between large quakes is 140 years … so that period lapsed in 2008 –


The Hayward Fault runs under the first block of Panoramic Way – the only paved street connecting Panoramic Hill to the rest of Berkeley


The shaking of a 7.0 magnitude quake would cause tremendous and unprecedented destruction: “Thousands of buildings could be destroyed including even dozens of hospitals”

“Broken gas pipelines and eruption of fires … Looting and home break-ins … “

“Many thousands of people would be homeless just from quake damage … “


Prepare your dwelling (flashlights, gas shut-offs, emergency food, water, cash) Plan on walking out, not driving!

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PHA General Meeting – Jun 19th


• EBMUD ROAD CLOSURES. The East Bay Municipal District will be replacing University Reservoir and Pumping Plant and 7,300 feet of pipe on Panoramic Hill. The project will involve street closures in four phases thru the fall of 2017. See:
• NEW SEPTIC RULES COMING. Alameda county is considering how to implement state regulations for onsite wastewater treatment. Oakland homeowners who are on septic instead of sewer systems could be affected.
• UNPERMITTED ACTIVITIES ON PANORAMIC HILL. PHA continues to hear reports of unpermitted commercial activities at 1001 Panoramic and elsewhere. The owner of 1001 Panoramic has already been assessed a substantial fine for zoning violations following a complaint by PHA. What if any further actions against unpermitted business activites should be taken?
• AIR BNB’S ON THE HILL. Neighbors have reported an upsurge in parking problems due to a proliferation of Air B& B rentals on the hill. What if any limitiations should there by on Air B& B rentals?
To be voted on by PHA membership.


511 Dwight Place.

Pot Luck Refreshments

***Neighbors & New Members Welcome***

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PHA Annual Meeting Mar 6th, 2016


Sunday March 6th, 2016 – 4- 6 PM


• Repaving Panoramic  & other upgrade projects
• Repairing Orchard Way steps
• Unpermitted Activities at 1001 Panoramic

Pot Luck Refreshments


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Emergency Preparedness Event Nov. 9th

PHA’s annual emergency preparedness event will be held on Sunday, November 9th, 10am-noon.
Meet opposite 320 Panoramic Way.
• Learn about fire and earthquake safety procedures.
• Bring your fire extinguishers for a recharge or buy a new one.
•  Obtain an emergency gas shutoff valve for earthquakes.

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UC Berkeley-Panoramic Hill Community Meeting

UC Berkeley is inviting neighborhood representatives and neighbors to a Cal/Community Meeting on Wednesday July 16 at 6:30pm in the Cronk Room in the Simpson Center for Student-Athlete High Performance.

The focus of the meeting will be to review upcoming events at California Memorial Stadium – including the fall football season – and to discuss how UC Berkeley, the City of Berkeley, and the neighborhood associations can continue to work to minimize the impacts of these events on our community.

  1. On July 26, Kabam Field at California Memorial Stadium will host the 2014 International Champions Cup: Real Madrid CF vs. Inter Milan. C
  2. The first home game of the Cal 2014 Football Season is Saturday Sept. 6 at noon.   The season schedule is online.

Supporting documents for the meeting, including logistics fact sheets for the soccer match and home football games, will be sent via email next week and will be available at the meeting.

Questions about the meeting should be directed to Christine Shaff at 510 643-4793

Phil Esten, Deputy Director of Athletics, External Relations, Intercollegiate Athletics

Christine Shaff, Communications Director, UC Berkeley Real Estate Division

Julie Sinai, Director, Local Government & Community Relations, UC Berkeley

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