Robbery on Upper Dwight Stirs Security Concerns

April 18th:  PH resident Marcos Gandara found two students on Dwight Place around 10:45 PM  who had been robbed at gunpoint by two men in a silver blue VW.  They were robbed near Ellen Gunther’s house [3555 Dwight Way].  They called both police departments and Oakland Police arrived within 15 minutes.  While the kids were being interviewed two suspects matching their description were apprehended near Lake Merritt.

The armed robbery is a symptom of intensifying security problems caused by unruly visitors who have been mobbing the hill to take in the view on upper Dwight.  A security committee has been formed to consider strategies for responding, such as security cameras, private guard patrols, or controlled access to the hill at night.  For more info, contact PHA board members Jerry Wachtel or Dale Gieringer.

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Road Closures on Panoramic for Sewer Upgrade

Panoramic Hill Road Closures Expected
EBMUD Neighborhood Meeting April 23, 6:30pm @ Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Ave.

Access to Panoramic Hill will be limited on occasion due to long-overdue sewer work on the lower part of the hill.  As marked on the traffic signs, this work is proceeding from now through September.      The PHA has been informed that complete road closures of 4 to 8 hours will be necessary on the stretch of Panoramic Way from Mosswood to Arden during this period, effectively cutting off traffic to the upper part of the hill.
PHA is working with city officials to (1) ensure that PH residents are given at least two weeks advance warning when these closures are scheduled;  (2) determine the most convenient times for closure;  and  (3) find alternative transport arrangements during the closures (perhaps via shuttle bus from parking below the hill?).
In addition to the sewer work, EBMUD is planning to upgrade its water infrastructure in 2016.   This project involves replacing the University Reservoir on upper Bancroft Place, the pumping plant near 280 Panoramic and 3,800 feet of pipeline.   EBMUD and the city of Berkeley invite you to a Panoramic Hill Neighborhood Meeting to discuss this project on April 23 at 6:30 pm, at the Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Ave.
After the water and sewer projects are completed in 2016-7,  it is hoped that Panoramic Way can be repaved by Berkeley Measure M funds.   However, the city has not committed itself to doing so yet, as Measure M funds are allocated a year-by-year basis
- D. Gieringer, PHA Board
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PHA General Meeting – March 9th

Panoramic Hill Association General Meeting
Sunday March 9th, 2014 – 4pm – 6pm
Hosted by Richard and Marcy Rose, 511 Dwight Place

* Please bring a dish to share with your neighbors
Non-members and children welcome


Infrastructure:  Roads, Retaining Walls, Sewers
Maxwell Field parking lot
Rogue property development on PH
PHA Board nominations

Guest:  Jim Hynes, Berkeley Ass’t City Manager

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PHA Emergency Preparedness Event – Sun. Oct 6th

The annual PHA emergency preparedness event will be held Sunday, Oct. 6th, from 10 am to noon. Meet opposite 320 Panoramic Way.   Learn about fire and emergency procedures;  bring your fire extinguishers for recharging. Light refreshments.

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Panoramic Hill Membership Meeting Oct 13

PHA will hold its next general membership meeting on Sunday, October 13th, 4 – 6 p.m. at the home of Richard & Marcella Rose, 511 Dwight Place. Bring a dish to share with the neighbors. Kids and non-members welcome.

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PH Night Out Celebration Aug 6th – 7-9 pm

Help us celebrate National Night Out!
Tuesday, Aug 6: 7-9 pm
Host: Deborah Rafael – 3555 Dwight Way

National Night Out is the nation’s night out against crime. We have had an increase in crime on Panoramic Hill. Let’s all come together – Berkeley and Oakland residents – and get acquainted with our neighbors. If you can come for 2 hours or 10 minutes, your presence is appreciated. Children are welcome. If you’d like, bring a snack or drink to share.

Contacts: Dale Gieringer (510) 849-0931; Katherine Bond 841-2134; Daniella Salzman

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Message form Berkeley Police


Please be aware of the two men in these pictures.

Both Alexandre McMillan (left) and Bill Bailey (right) have stay-away orders from the Panoramic Way Area.    McMillan has a 100 yard stay-away order from the 100 block of Panoramic Way.     Bailey has a stay-away order from all of Panoramic Way.

Please contact the police if you see these two people in the area!


Berkeley Police Non-Emergency:                                                       510-981-5900

Berkeley Police Emergency number for cell phones:                          510-981-5911

Community Services Bureau – Officer Nabozny #118

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PHA General Meeting – March 3rd

General Meeting

  • Sunday, March 3rd,  4-6 PM
  • Baum Residence
  • 701 Panoramic Way

PHA will provide refreshments


•    Presentation and Discussion about Neighborhood Guard  (To begin promptly at 4PM)

Jesper Jurcenoks (known as JJ) is the founder and chairman of Neighborhood Guard, a cooperative organization born out of efforts by Neighborhood Watch volunteers in their Oakland Hills neighborhood. JJ and his colleagues have now developed an integrated and sophisticated neighborhood-wide video detection, tracking, and analysis system that is working successfully in other hills neighborhoods.

Having now attended two meetings at which Neighborhood Guard has been discussed, I believe that their approach has direct relevance to Panoramic Hill, and I urge you all to attend. JJ will likely address all of your questions during his presentation. But please come prepared with your most pressing concerns so that we can decide as a community whether this approach is right for us.

To learn more about the organization prior to the PHA meeting, check out

Jerry Wachtel,  PHA Board Member & former President


Election of Nominating Committee

Old & New  Business

Bring a dish to share for potluck if you can.

Membership dues can be paid to the treasurer at the meeting

Dues remain only $15 per year.

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General meeting Announcement March 2013

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PHA Faces Crime Wave

Jan 2013 – In response to an alarming crime wave of burglaries and break-ins, Panoramic residents are exploring ways to improve security on the hill, including surveillance cameras and private security.

Over the two weeks of the holidays, the following crimes were reported:
• 16 auto burglaries, thefts, and residential burglaries, mostly at the foot of the hill on Prospect, but also extending onto lower Panoramic.
• The hill’s least wanted burglar, Bill Bailey, was re-arrested for the fourth or fifth time, having once again broken his parole by visiting the hill and pilfering some residents’ property.
• Two break-in burglaries occurred in Oakland, one at 904 Panoramic, the other at an undetermined residence on Bancroft Place (Jordan trail).
Oakland residents are strongly urged to report any suspicious activities, persons, or vehicles to OPD’s problem-solving officer, Jo Balaoro at : . Due to budget cut-backs, the city is sorely lacking in police personnel. OPD currently has just a single full-time officer patrolling the entirety of Beat 13Y, which extends from Panoramic Hill to Redwood Rd.

PHA will be holding a meeting, probably in March, for a presentation about video cameras by a neighborhood group that has successfully deployed a reliable auto license surveillance system in the Oakland hills.
Residents are also exploring private security companies to supplement the woefully inadequate policing currently afforded by the city.

- D. Gieringer, 3514 Dwight Way/ Oakland Neighborhood Watch Committee

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