Panoramic Hill Association Board of Directors

  • Michael Kelly, President
  • Jerry Wachtel, Vice President(Oakland)
  • Cathy Orozco, Vice President (Berkeley)
  • Janice Thomas,  Vice President  (UC  Relations)
  • Dale Gieringer,  Treasurer, (contact to join PHA or get on the email list)
  • Richard Rose,   Secretary
  • Dick White, Parliamentarian
  • PHA email,
  • Webmaster,

Panoramic Hill Association
PO Box 5428
Berkeley, CA 94705

PHA members can subscribe and unsubscribe themselves to the mailing list at:

UC Berkeley Contacts:

  • The person at UC to contact regarding noise problems that might be from construction at UC is: Christine Shaff
  • Caleb Dardick is Community/Government Relations contact if you do not know from where the noise is coming but know it is from UC.:
  • Best contact associated with UC and safety: UC Police 642-6760.

City of Berkeley Police Department (BPD)

  • Emergency phone: 510-981-5911
  • Non-emergency phone: 510-981-5900

UC Berkeley Police Department (UCPD)

  • Emergency phone: 911
  • Cell phone to get emergency dispatch: (510) 642-3333
  • UC Berkeley Police non-emergency phone: (510) 642-6760 / 24 hours

City of Oakland Police Department (OPD)

  • Emergency phone: (510) 777-3211
  • Non-emergency phone: (510) 777-3333

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