Update – Burglar Billy Joe Bailey….Be on the lookout…

(Photo taken 10/16/2010) (Photo taken 01/22/2011)

On Saturday 10/16/10 Billy Joe Bailey, 49, of Oakland, was detained and arrested for being in possession of stolen property and probation violation.  Bailey is known to frequent the Panoramic area and has a history of burglary in the area.  Bailey has entered homes mainly through unlocked/open doors and has stolen items to include shoes, money, and food.  YOU SHOULD BE AWARE!


On Saturday 01/22/11, a vigilant community member spotted Billy Joe Bailey as he exited the driveway of a neighbor’s home on Panoramic Way.  BPD officers quickly responded to the area, and after a search where Billy Joe Bailey fled from officers, we once again arrested him for violating a court issued stay-away order.  Bailey is currently in custody and we don’t know how long he will be held this time.  The court’s stay-away order is still in effect and we are asking if you see him, please call BPD immediately (Non-emergency 510.981.5900)

Some residents have asked how and where they can register their concerns over Bailey’s repeat insistence on preying upon their neighborhood after his release.  Here’s how:

  • BPD encourages community members to write a letter to Judge Carrie Panetta’s courtroom, 1225 Fallon Street Department #11 in Oakland, CA 94612 expressing their concerns.  This is the courtroom where Bailey’s case will most likely be heard.
  • BPD suggests copying the same letter to the Alameda County District Attorney’s office attention: Kathleen Famulener DA’s office, 661 Washington Street Second Floor, Oakland, CA 94607.  She is the District Attorney over this case.
  • BPD further encourages a copy of this letter be sent to the Board of Parole Hearings, 500 North Central Avenue Suite 600, Glendale, CA 91203.  They can be contacted by phone at 818.543.4600 or 818.543.4653.

Please note the District Attorney has charged Bailey with felony probation violation and it will be about 30 days before his hearing is scheduled.  That hearing will likely be another 60 days out.  Again, BPD implores you to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity in your community.

FYI…If you have a cellular phone, please program the direct BPD Emergency Dispatch number in your phone: *****510-981-5911*****

Also, please print out and post this flyer in your neighborhood.

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