Crime Alert — Bill Bailey is Back!

This morning, Wednesday April 11, 2012, we discovered Bill Bailey wrapped in plastic and fast asleep on the deck in the middle of our yard at 23 Panoramic Way. Officer Curtin of BPD came, talked to Bailey for about 15 minutes and escorted him back to the street. Curtin said Bailey is on probation but he needs to check what else may be going on with him (eg, if the stay-away order is still in effect). For now, Curtin said he will report Bailey for “criminal trespassing with no prosecution”. If he is caught again, they may prosecute.

Bailey is amiable and looks like a normal person, not a street person. He’s about 50, white, short blond hair, medium height, medium build. He has a several-year history of burglary and trespassing on Panoramic Hill. We need to make sure he doesn’t get started again. So if you see him, call the Berkeley Police and ask that it be reported to Officer Curtin (Badge # S-34).

Lock your doors, lock your windows and be vigilant! Below are past photos of Bailey. Also see previous post on him for more details of past offenses.

(Photo taken 10/16/2010) (Photo taken 01/22/2011)
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