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Membership in the Panoramic Hill Association is open to all residents as well as non-resident homeowners; dues are a modest $15 per household per year.  (Members over 75 and those who host meetings are excused from paying dues.)  Homeowners who have paid their dues for the current year are eligible to vote on PHA business; renters who have paid dues for three years are also eligible to vote.  General meetings, held three times per year, are open to all.  A membership base representing the majority of the Hill allows us to be effective in dealing with various jurisdictions on matters concerning our neighborhood.

Thank you for your support – and special thanks to those who have already paid their dues for 2012.

Dues may be mailed to:

PHA Treasurer

PO Box 5428

Berkeley, CA  94705

….or dropped off at 23 Panoramic Way.  Please include the following information:





Owner_____      Renter_____     75 & over_________

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