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Berkley Police Need Your Help!

If you have had anything stolen in the last month or if you find any property on the hill (hidden in bushes etc)  that looks like it might have been stolen  please report it to the Berkeley police as soon … Continue reading

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Update on Burglar Billy Bailey

The suspect Billy Bailey he has just been arrested and will be held for two days due to parole violation . They can not keep him longer, unless they can find evidence of new thefts, such as new stolen items. … Continue reading

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Alert – Burglar Billy Bailey Spotted on Panoramic Hill Today

Burglar Bill Bailey has been spotted by two people today on Panoramic Hill. His  mugshot is below. He has been arrested twice by Berkeley PD for burglaries on Panoramic Hill. The second time he was on probation and the prediction … Continue reading

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Environmental Safety zoning dates from 1975

The Berkeley section of Panoramic hill has had its own different zoning years before Nigel Guest purchased his house and began renting rooms. The unique safety issues of Panoramic Hill are the reasons the  zoning is different from other areas of Berkeley.  A major function of … Continue reading

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The Panoramic Hill Zoning Ordinance – Update

Panoramic Hill (PH), is the only Residential District in Berkeley with its own zoning ordinance, which the Planning Department has been revising since 2008. One of the main changes is to link the number of off-street parking spaces required of … Continue reading

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