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Are you ready for the big one on the Hayward Fault? Access/ Egress Issues

Here (1.5M PDF) is an electronic copy of the secondary access road survey recently handed out at the October 2005 PHA general meeting. The form may be filled out electronically and returned via email to or printed out and … Continue reading

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Child’s Tree House or Homeless Shelter?

The “old road” starts on Panoramic Way on the North side of Baum’s property (above left).  We set out to explore reports about a homeless encampment there, but found no evidence of current habitation.  There is a woodshed there (above … Continue reading

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Marianne “Poppy” Tanner moves to Atlanta, Georgia

This summer, the Panoramic Hills bid fairway to one of its own, Marianne Tanner. A longtime resident of the hills, Tanner now lives all the way across the continent in Atlanta, Georgia. Tanner, nicknamed “Poppy” by her friends, was a … Continue reading

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Who’s Leaving Garbage on Panoramic Way/Dwight Way Near Claremont Canyon?

Because of the beautiful views, the south side of Panoramic Way, near the intersection of the end of Dwight Way, seems to attract visitors and unwanted trash. Do you know anyone who smokes Swisher Sweets cigars and likes to hike … Continue reading

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Three Cars Broken into on August 15

On Sunday, August 15, 2010 around 10 a.m.:  3 cars parked along 255-265 Panoramic had their back side windows broken allowing the thieves to take personal belongings left in the cars. Police responded within 7 minutes of being notified. One … Continue reading

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