Attend UC Stadium Meeting

UC recently held a public hearing on the Stadium rebuild, but in that meeting UC did not answer questions from residents.

Now, because of the outcry over noise, lights, and health concerns UC is holding another community meeting where they will answer questions from residents.

Below is an announcement sent out by UC.

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You are invited to a Community Meeting:

Memorial Stadium Construction Meeting

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Strawberry Canyon Recreation Center, Team Meeting Room

Centennial Drive

  • Update and overview of construction activities and timeline
  • Questions and Answers with the UC Project Management Team

Background: The seismic retrofit and renovation of California Memorial Stadium is well underway. This project is a priority for the campus given seismic risk, as well as the importance of the stadium both architecturally and to the life of the campus community. The University has embarked on an ambitious schedule to seismically strengthen the stadium, improve the facility, restore this landmark building and enhance the landscape and emergency response access, with a goal of reopening in time for the 2012 football season.

The campus recognizes that this large construction project impacts the neighborhood. We have heard from a number of our neighbors and take your concerns seriously. The purpose of this community meeting is to hear from you and provide an update on current and upcoming construction activities and timelines.

The campus emails regular construction updates that are available upon request. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact:

Christine Shaff, Communication Director

UC Berkeley Facilities Services

(510) 643-4793 (Forwards to cell phone after hours)

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One Response to Attend UC Stadium Meeting

  1. Ann Slaby says:

    I have to laugh. You will too with a little perspective:

    1. PHA did not join 13 other neighborhood associations and organizations in 1990 LRDP lawsuit (objection by Maslachs). UC was adding 20% of its built up space – but promised NO increase in staff or students. (Wanna bet?) Lawsuit lost on appeal. At that time, the earthquake risk was minimal because the stadium was used only a few days/year. That changed? Why? Because of increased use of stadium? Or a promise to Ted Tedford?

    2. At same time as inviting to hear our complaints, UC is going to court to make our complaints moot. Go to Alameda County court domain.
    Enter case number ‘RG10499854′

    3. Long history of problems with stadium use: Raiders games and McCartney concert proved several times over that ANY event in the stadium has a huge impact on Panoramic hill. UC states in its legal briefs that it wishes to use the stadium for things like a World Cup venue. (Not to even speak of the many logistic problems of getting people to and from the stadium that UC promised to pay for before the stadium was built.) It is a source of revenue for UC. We are only a problem, long complaining Panoramic hill.

    4. I hear the noise from my home office where I work 5 days/week. The battering drives me crazy. I hear the Greek Theatre concerts, some noise from the games and the god awful crowd simulation noise that will only get worse when in the canyon.

    5. I clearly remember when the noise was “way out there” and one could hear the fog horns across the Bay. Environmental laws were supposed to keep impacts like noise from increasing in the horrific way they have.

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