March 13th University stadium PR show

Here are some thoughts and comments:

1) PARKING: To the extent the University can be persuaded to move parking from the parking area at the base of panoramic into the new garage, it will reduce car traffic at the base of the hill. The plan is unclear as to how much the existing lot will be reduced, although the announced intent is to move all the parking around the stadium (some 300 spaces) into the garage.

2) LIGHTING: Angela McDonald, the lighting designer said the visor lights will illuminate only the field and not shine into the hill. I asked for her card, and she said one must communicate through the university email address: Four poles “120-130″ feet above the playing field are proposed for the east rim. Perhaps they could be disguised as trees.

3) EAST RIM & DAYLIGHTING OF STRAWBERRY: I got different answers about to what extent, if any, the east rim would be elevated: 1) none at all (from the student guide); 2) “it’s up in the air” from the architect responsible for design of the east rim; 3) maybe ten feet if special boxes are built from another east rim architect; and 4) it would be a tragedy if the east rim were raised above grade at all since it would destroy the beauty of the stadium and the view toward the hill – not to mention obscuring the important view from tightwad hill (from the landscape architect, David Rubin of Olin Partnership, whose plans include the daylighting of Strawberry Creek down the hillside next the the north side of the stadium toward the parking garage, along the west edge of the parking garage in the form of a slow moving reflective pool (a great idea). One plan is to place toilets and food sales on the east rim below grade, which would clean up that area and allow more space for people to walk.

4)RELOCATING THE STADIUM TO GOLDEN GATE FIELD: I was told the alums would not allow it. The present location is “sacred” – although alternative locations are being considered. The Association should definitely ask what alternative sites are being considered, suggesting Golden Gate Field.

5)APPLICATION OF “LEED” SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION PRINCIPLES: “LEED” standards have been established to encourage sustainable, environmentally friendly building. The Law and Business connection is utilizing LEED principles, but will not seek LEED certification “because it is too expensive to get certified”. Don’t know about the stadium itself.

6)THE AMPHITHEATER will seat “no more than a couple of hundred” students.

7)THE HAYWARD FAULT : This is the elephant in the living room. No mention of it except a student guide showing how half of the stadium is moving north. Suggestion: sit in the east rim since it’s on the ground and the ground is less likely to liquify in an earthquake.

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