photo of construction at Stanford Stadium

Concerned, Sympathetic, and Affected Parties:

A thought-provoking photo of the recent construction project at the Stanford Stadium can be accessed by clicking this link:

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What will be the physical, tangible, effects to the environment during destruction of the old Memorial Stadium and construction of the new Memorial Stadium? Without massively rebuilding the structure, how will it be possible to retrofit an 83 year old concrete stadium that is bisected by the fault and that sits on unconsolidated soil and which is subject to rupture, liquefaction, and landslides? what kind of
structure would need to be built and what changes will need to be made to the existing facility to prepare for a magnitude 7.4 tremblor on the Hayward?

what kind of renovations are necessary to modernize the old stadium and compete with other PAC-10 teams?

In contrast to our situation here, “…the (Stanford) stadium is away from the center of campus and isolated from residential areas…the traffic and noise impacts from destruction and construction are expected to be minimal.” (SF Chronicle 12/3/05)

The first step in rebuilding the Stanford Stadium involves “100,000 cubic
yards of dirt.” To rebuild will entail “eight-two truckloads of steel and
175 truckloads of aluminum…for the bleachers and press box.” What will it take here in Berkeley?

Cal’s stadium renovation and seismic retrofit is incorporated for purposes
of environmental review into a larger project known as the Southeast
Campus Integrated Projects.

The public scoping session will be held this Thursday, Dec. 8, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Boalt School of Law in the Booth Auditorium. The approximate location is the northwest corner Bancroft and Piedmont Avenues.

Janice Thomas

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