Second Access Road that did not happen

From November 26, 1974 Planning Commission communication the City council:

“At its meeting of November 6, 1974, the Planning Commission unanimously adopted the following recommendations for the Panoramic Hill area:

1. Emergency Access

A. Designation of fire access roads as follows:

1. Lower Jordan Trail;
2. Route from Dwight Way to upper Dwight Way just below the intersection with upper Panoramic across State owned land partly under lease to EBRPD.

B. Instruct Public Works Department to work with the University of California, City of Oakland, State of California and EBRPD for shared costs and more detailed study of:

1. Upgrading of Lower Jordan Trail for year-round use;
2. Construction of all-year fire access from Lower Dwight to Upper Dwigt; precise aligment to be studied further (present estimated cost approximately $80,000).”

These minutes also state: “The road location being recommended to the Council meets with unanimous approval with the neighborhood as far as is known.” ”

Then PHA president Doris Maslach says Joe Engbeck stopped the road. I was not living here again until 1976, but know the many problems and lack of repair Panoramic hill suffered without proper access for emergency vehicles.

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