2010 Emergency Preparedness Drill – Nov. 7 10-noon

Time: November 7th , 10am-12pm
Location: At the emergency cache, (large brown metal boxes), across from 352 Panoramic Way


  • Berkeley Fire Department will demonstrate how to hook hoses to fire hydrant using tools in the cache
  • Tour of cache, including first aid, search and rescue equipment, emergency generator, etc.
  • Instructions in hand held radio use
  • Discussion of individual household emergency supplies
  • Flyers on preparedness classes through the city of Berkeley and Oakland
  • Tour of emergency escape routes on hill
  • and more!

For information, email Sarah Bade, at sbade@stickstones.com

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2 Responses to 2010 Emergency Preparedness Drill – Nov. 7 10-noon

  1. Nigel Guest says:

    I’ll make the same comment that I made on the Panoramic Hill email system. If someone will tell me how i can get access to the locked cache of emergency equipment, I’ll come. If not, I really don’t see the point. If you guys on the 300 block want your own little secret system, fine, but i don’t see how it will help me.

  2. Sarah Bade says:

    Dear Nigel,

    Thanks for your comment. I understand, and hope I can answer your questions about the Panoramic Hill cache boxes, their purpose, and how they are maintained.

    There are cache boxes such as ours all over Berkeley and they are similarly organized. My husband and I host the Panoramic Hill cache on our property because it is required by the city that it be on private land, we are mid-hill, there is a fire hydrant next to it, and it is one of the widest sections on the road.

    The cache is a complex project coordinated by the city of Berkeley Emergency Services, The Panoramic Hill Association, the PHA sub-committee on emergency preparedness and the “cluster” that extends from mid Panoramic Way to the Oakland border by the Jordan trail (simply because it is located at our clusters’ center). However, many other hill residents are involved in maintaining it. By default, a group of about 15 people, (Oakland and Berkeley), maintain the cache and coordinate with the city and the fire department. These people have spent countless hours working with the city and maintaining what amounts to many thousands of dollars of irreplaceable equipment.

    There are multiple Panoramic Hill neighbors with cache keys, and a lock box system on the cache. All emergency services also have a key. After lengthy discussion over cache access, it was decided that carte blanche access for all hill residents would not be practical. In the past, there have been break-ins and items stolen, so the intent is to spread key access across a wide group of hill residents, a number of whom are certain to be on the hill in case of emergency. In addition, the fire department will use the contents to stage services on our hill in the event they cannot bring trucks/equipment up the road. (very likely).

    An important reason for our yearly drill is for neighbors get to know each other. After an emergency it will take time to organize larger efforts like search and rescue, yet in the interim, we can help each other in countless small ways. The November drill offers a chance to meet new neighbors and renew old acquaintances. Many on the hill are elderly or will need help in someway. Cars will likely not make it down the hill. We can walk each other down emergency egress routes, check each others’ homes, etc..

    The cache offers the next stage of services….but will need concerted effort by neighbors to organize and put into action. All the better if we know each other. By staging drills once a year it is hoped that all neighbors become ACQUAINTED with the contents of the cache because they will be used in coordinated GROUP efforts. There is fire fighting equipment, search and rescue/block and tackle, hand held radios, triage and first aid station, and more.

    The contents of the cache should not to be confused with HOME EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS KITS. The cache contains the kind of equipment that will be used in COORDINATED GROUP EFFORTS. I hope I have conveyed that the folks who keep the cache organized and replenished do not intend for it to be a “little secret system”. A big event on this hill will require many hands and many hearts.

    All the best,
    Sarah Bade

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