More Burglaries on Upper PH

Two more homes were invaded on upper Panoramic Hill on Monday, Oct. 18th AFTER the apprehension of burglary suspect Bill Bailey.

Burglar(s) ransacked the home of the Swans, who rent the lower floor of 904 Panoramic (at the end of the road where it meets the fire trail). They stole jewelry, a camera and computer. The total haul was small enough for one person to carry in a pack. The invasion occurred in broad daylight sometime between 10 am and 7 pm. The culprit(s) broke in by removing glass slats from a window in an area that isn’t publicly visible from the road or walkways. A car with two suspicious-looking black men wearing ski caps was spotted driving up the hill around the time Ms Swan left at 10 am.

Earlier in the day, around 5 am, someone broke into Jacoba MacKay’s house at 690 Panoramic. Jacoba was sleeping and thought the noise was just the garbageman. When she got up, she discovered that a downstairs window had been broken off its hinges and the screen carefully removed. It’s not clear whether anyone gained entry to the house, or whether they were frightened off. Nothing was stolen. The window was hidden along a dark back side of her house. It was high up, difficult to reach for someone who isn’t tall.

Jacoba and the Swans reported the break-ins to the Oakland Police, but they didn’t arrive until the next day. OPD doesn’t normally respond immediately to burglaries unless they are actually in progress. They performed a perfunctory investigation. They didn’t take fingerprints, saying that it would be useless for purposes of charging the suspects.
Residents should beware that more than just one burglar has been watching the hill!

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  1. Nigel Guest says:

    Two more attempts:
    1) On Oct 21, 2010, at 10:05 AM, Nigel Guest wrote:

    > My neighbor at 125 Panoramic told me that his roommate was woken up at 06:30 yesterday by a white male with a backpack, trying to break into the cars.
    > Nigel Guest
    > ————————————————–
    > From: “Gimmler, Christine”

    >> I live at 444 Panoramic, one of the little cabins off the connector fire
    >> trail right below the Kennedys at 904. Wednesday night (10/20) when I
    >> got home, I noticed muddy boot marks on my front and back entry deck
    >> (which definitely weren’t mine). There was no damage and nothing
    >> stolen, but I’m wondering if someone was casing the place but couldn’t
    >> see anything of interest through the windows and decided it wasn’t worth
    >> it. I was out of town for a few days so the “visitors” may have been
    >> there around the same time as the other reported burglaries. Then this
    >> morning at 4:15 am, I thought I heard footsteps on my deck, but I may
    >> just be a bit paranoid at the moment.

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