PHA Parking Violation Ticket

As suggested by the safety committee in the last PHA meeting, I created a PHA Parking Violation Ticket to give to people, or place on cars, parked illegally.  It worked on the two cars I tried it on today. One left immediately after I took down the license and another driver was in tears worried because she already had 4 parking tickets. She said she hadn’t thought of the safety issues and would never park there again.

She did suggest that we make the NO PARKING signs clearer and have a sign saying this is a fire safety route.

You are welcome to use or modify my ticket. The text of the ticket is below and attached: Panoramic Hill Neighborhood Association Parking Ticket

Panoramic Hill Neighborhood Association

Parking Violation Ticket

We very much value preserving the beauty and safety of Panoramic Hills.

Adherence to NO PARKING signs is critical to the safety of the hill as this is a fire truck and hydrant access route. Cars parking in NO PARKING areas endanger those living on the hill as well as those visiting.

This is a warning that you are parked illegally and your license plate, car make and a photograph have been sent to the Oakland Police.


Car Make:

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