LBL: Draft Report for New Building Available for Comment

We have received notice from the DOE that LBL has released a Draft Environmental Assessment (EA)  for a proposed new building called Computational Research and Theory  (CRT).

The new 32,000 square foot building is proposed to go near the entrance to LBL behind the Greek Theater. The draft states the building would be 60-70 feet high.

The Draft EA is available online at

Comments on the draft EA are due by email or postmarked by 5pm OCTOBER 15th 2010.

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2 Responses to LBL: Draft Report for New Building Available for Comment

  1. In reading the “Affected Environment” section, it appears there are 4 alternate sites under consideration as well, only one close to Panoramic Hill.

    The report has data on the average noise level in Table 4.0-1. Might be interesting to use as a benchmark to compare to with current noise issues on the hill. These noise measurements appear to have been taken in 2003 and 2004.

  2. Ann Slaby says:

    Thank you for the hint about the decibel measurements. I have a vague memory that the decibel measurement for 299 Panoramic Way used in the DEIR for the high performance center was higher. Unfortunately, I cannot check the record. The CD’s UC Planning gave me that were supposed to be draft EIRs were all blank.

    We would need professional noise measurements that cost a lot of money. And once we have them of what use are they? There are no rules that enforce noise pollution from UC. The state office that regulates the Health & Safety laws governing state agencies has not been open for years.

    I once had to get a professional noise measurement because the city does not measure noise past 5 PM. That cost $300 20 years ago. The only way I could finally get the city to enforce its noise ordinance was to have measurements from a professional, then having our councilmember relay the information to the city manager. The city manageer then wrote the offending neighbor a letter demanding they insulate their air conditioner.

    UC never conducted an environmental reveiw for the Greek Theatre “concerts.” And I have no idea if there will be any environmental document regarding renovation of the stadium.

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