Ranked-Choice Voting comes to Berkeley, Oakland and San Leandro

When voters in three Alameda County cities open their ballots this November, they will be presented with a new way of choosing some elected officials. A flow chart about the new voting process has been provided by Supervisor Carson’s office.  They are doing outreach about Ranked-choice voting and have put together an article and flowchart explaining the process. See: Ranked_Choice_Voting

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  1. aslaby says:

    Our current councilmember, Gordon Wozniak has two challengers. ” Jacquelyn McCormick and Stewart Emmington Jones have joined forces and hope to use Berkeley’s new ranked choice voting system to defeat Wozniak. The two are backing each other and both tell supporters to mark the other on the ballot as their second choice when they cast ballots on November 2.
    “Under ranked choice voting, which is also being used for the first time this fall in Oakland and San Leandro, Wozniak — or one of his challengers — needs 50 percent of the votes plus one to win. If no one gets a majority in the first round, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated. Then the Number Two choices of those who voted for the eliminated candidate are distributed to the remaining two candidates. McCormick and Jones think the system could push one of them over the top in the District Eight race. The district encompasses the upscale Panoramic Hill and Claremont-Elmwood neighborhoods as well as a swath of student apartment dwellers.”

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