Child’s Tree House or Homeless Shelter?

Dale and Arianne on Old Road Homeless Shelter?

The “old road” starts on Panoramic Way on the North side of Baum’s property (above left).  We set out to explore reports about a homeless encampment there, but found no evidence of current habitation.  There is a woodshed there (above right) that could potentially serve as a shelter, but it is so stacked with lumber as to be uninhabitable.  There is also a mat of grass that looks like it might be used to sleep on. There could have been something underneath, but we didn’t want to dig around.

Photo of pile of wood Trash and empty water bottles

Currently  there is a pile of what looks like firewood outside the shed (above left). Very troubling would be if this wood were used for fires.  No campsites were noted, though these might have been destroyed.  There was also a pile of trash, including a number of empty and partially filled water bottles (above right).

Pile of wood outdoor bed?

Farther up the trail was a nearly invisible tree house that was supported by wooden pilings.   This took some effort and is unlikely to have been produced by the homeless.   It appears to be an abandoned tree house built by neighbors.  Spray paint inside says” Who ru? Mr. McDankery Trick.  Access to it is precarious.  There are no signs of recent habitation, though it might possibly be used as a shelter from time to time.

Photo of tree house Photo of Tree House
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