Marianne “Poppy” Tanner moves to Atlanta, Georgia

This summer, the Panoramic Hills bid fairway to one of its own, Marianne Tanner. A longtime resident of the hills, Tanner now lives all the way across the continent in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tanner, nicknamed “Poppy” by her friends, was a long time resident of the area and certainly was familiar with the local culture. She attended UC Berkeley and graduated in the late 1950s. In college she socialized with, among others, renowned California-based non-fiction writer Joan Didion, a friend from her sorority. She recalls being in love with the hills ever since her youth, when she would spend time up here with her boyfriend.

She wanted a home that had a good view was in walking distance from the UC Berkeley campus. She found that in her in the Panoramic hills, which she moved into in the 1980s. She loves how someone from any background can walk up the hills to discover an entirely new setting hidden from the rest of the city.

When asked to leave a farewell message before moving out of her home in Oakland , Marianne Tanner replied: “Everything that’s beautiful takes care.”

It’s not hard to understand such sentiment when standing outside her house (3516 Dwight Way) and admiring the flower garden she planted near her home. Before Tanner took the initiative to garden, the area was an unremarkable plot of land, often scattered with weeds and litter. Indeed, litter was another huge concern of Tanner’s. At one point, she cleaned up 1500 bottles in only a few months.

Tanner hopes that residents of the area, both old and new, can maintain the garden in her absence. Just as she began to weed every February, she hopes others will take the time to maintain the beautify of the area.

Photo of Marianne Poppy Tanner Photo of Poppy's Garden

Marianne “Poppy” Tanner and Poppy’s garden.

Class of ’56 Endows Humanities Library, including a donation from Marianne.

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