Hayward Fault – Next one due: October 21, 2008

Hayward Fault

Next one due: October 21, 2008

Dick White and Penny Rink

Alameda County courthouse

Alameda County courthouse before and after the October 21, 1868 6.8 Hayward Fault earthquake (Bancroft Library).  Big quakes occur on this fault every 140 years on average.  Photo and much information about the Hayward Fault then and now can be obtained from Google.

So what can I do about the coming quake?

You can prepare now for the inevitable quake.

Prepare your dwelling structurally to survive the shaking

Plan ways for you, your family and your pets to get out of your dwelling safely

Establish beforehand an out-of-area contact as a central point where people can

find out after the quake about you and yours

Stock up on supplies you’ll need for several weeks after the quake when the

power may be out; gas pumps, ATMs, and cash registers won’t work;

schools are suspended; water and sewer system may not function;

hospitals will be jammed; roads may be clogged with debris;

and food, water and medicines may be very hard to find.  So stock up now on food and water, get some candles and matches, keep cash on hand, refill your gas tank when it get to half-empty, store a supply of the medicines you know you’ll need.

To get an idea of how it may be after the quake, see the recent New York Times article about life in Houston just after Hurricane Ike: “Power is Scarce, but Spirit Isn’t Lacking”, September 21, 2008, page 18A.

Will I be in this situation alone?

Not if you join a cluster with your neighbors.  Cluster members share information to help them look after each other in case of emergency.   At present we know of four active clusters on Panoramic Hill.  Contact the people listed below for more information – even to find out how to start your own cluster if there’s none near you.

Susan Chainey (314 Panoramic Way; 665-1865) and Dick White (350 Panoramic Way, 849-1136) – 299 to 401 Panoramic Way

Penny Rink (517 Panoramic Way, 848-5829) – 401 to 650 Panoramic Way

Liz and Marcos Gandara (560 Dwight Place, 841-2833) – Dwight Place

Marianne Tanner (3560 Dwight Way, 848-6229) – Dwight Way/Dwight Place intersection up to Dwight Way/Upper Panoramic Way intersection

Note:  We’ve decided not to have a Panoramic Hill emergency preparedness drill in this 140th anniversary year.  Instead, take that time to make your own preparations to survive the coming quake.

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