PHA Sep 25th Meeting & Elections

PHA Annual Meeting
Sunday Sep 25th 2016  4-6 PM
Hosted by Deborah Raphael, 3555 Dwight Way
Pot luck refreshments


(1) Introduction & Election of PHA Board Candidates
Nominees are:  Michael Kelly, Dick White, Janice Thomas, Richard Rose, Dale Gieringer, Jerry Wachtel, Christopher Clay and Lou Feuchtbaum.
(2) Proposed PHA By-Laws Amendments for Approval by Members
The Board is presenting amendments to streamline and update PHA’s by-laws.  For details, see:
(3) Zoning Code Enforcement: New Construction and AirBNB Rentals
(4) Septic Systems (in Oakland) Face New Regulation
(5) EBMUD Water Line Project Update
(6) Skyfall – Update on unpermitted activities at 1001 Panoramic Way

***  Parking Warning Notices and Panoramic Hill I.D. stickers will be available

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