Robbery on Upper Dwight Stirs Security Concerns

April 18th:  PH resident Marcos Gandara found two students on Dwight Place around 10:45 PM  who had been robbed at gunpoint by two men in a silver blue VW.  They were robbed near Ellen Gunther’s house [3555 Dwight Way].  They called both police departments and Oakland Police arrived within 15 minutes.  While the kids were being interviewed two suspects matching their description were apprehended near Lake Merritt.

The armed robbery is a symptom of intensifying security problems caused by unruly visitors who have been mobbing the hill to take in the view on upper Dwight.  A security committee has been formed to consider strategies for responding, such as security cameras, private guard patrols, or controlled access to the hill at night.  For more info, contact PHA board members Jerry Wachtel or Dale Gieringer.

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