PHA Faces Crime Wave

Jan 2013 – In response to an alarming crime wave of burglaries and break-ins, Panoramic residents are exploring ways to improve security on the hill, including surveillance cameras and private security.

Over the two weeks of the holidays, the following crimes were reported:
• 16 auto burglaries, thefts, and residential burglaries, mostly at the foot of the hill on Prospect, but also extending onto lower Panoramic.
• The hill’s least wanted burglar, Bill Bailey, was re-arrested for the fourth or fifth time, having once again broken his parole by visiting the hill and pilfering some residents’ property.
• Two break-in burglaries occurred in Oakland, one at 904 Panoramic, the other at an undetermined residence on Bancroft Place (Jordan trail).
Oakland residents are strongly urged to report any suspicious activities, persons, or vehicles to OPD’s problem-solving officer, Jo Balaoro at : . Due to budget cut-backs, the city is sorely lacking in police personnel. OPD currently has just a single full-time officer patrolling the entirety of Beat 13Y, which extends from Panoramic Hill to Redwood Rd.

PHA will be holding a meeting, probably in March, for a presentation about video cameras by a neighborhood group that has successfully deployed a reliable auto license surveillance system in the Oakland hills.
Residents are also exploring private security companies to supplement the woefully inadequate policing currently afforded by the city.

- D. Gieringer, 3514 Dwight Way/ Oakland Neighborhood Watch Committee

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