Deadline for Comments- JULY 7th

Panoramic Hill residents:

The deadline for comments on the University’s massive planning project called SCIP ( Southest Campus Intergrated Projects) is July 7th. Your comments MUST arrive at the UC planning office adjacent to Sather Gate by 5pm on Friday July 7th, they can be hand delivered or mailed to:

Jennifer Lawrence McDougall, AICP
Principal Planner – Environmental Planning
Capital Projects – Facilities Services
300 A&E Building
University of California
Berkeley CA 94720-1382

Comments can also by emailed to:

Public comments are an ESSENTIAL part of how the courts will view this planning process. It is VERY important legally that any comments you have are submitted now. This is the LAST CHANCE for public input on this project.

You can view some initial comments and concerns being raised by the City of Berkeley at the following (very long) link:

Meanwhile, digital versions of the SCIP EIR planning document can be viewed or downloaded from UC as PDFs at:

You can also find UCs sales pitch on aspects of the massive project at:

This project includes demolishing and then rebuilding Memorial Stadium (except for the exterior facade) while adding a 3 story high wall of luxury boxes around much of the stadium. Also included are lights for nightime use at the stadium.

If the project is approved, UC wants to use the stadium on a regular basis for other nightime events which could include concerts etc. Other aspects of the project include tearing out the oak grove on the west side of the stadium to build a sports training facility, plus a 900 space parking lot under Maxwell (Kleeberger) field, and a 7-8 story Business/Law building between the law and business schools.

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